The university student hoping to make a life for himself.
Four different people for whom the world will never be the same.
These are their stories.
The journalist determined to make a difference.
The heiress to a ruthless empire and her rise to infamy.
The scientists unearthing what should have remained buried.
Tails: Preludes is a post-noir narrative adventure with branching choices. It is an intertwined series of vignettes about change, circumstance, and consequence. Guide four different characters through formative moments in their lives, all set to the backdrop of a gorgeously pixelized dystopian vision of Vancouver inhabited by anthropomorphic animals.
As a narrative and thematic prequel to Tails: Noir, Tails: Preludes introduces a plethora of new gameplay elements, interactions, and puzzles, as well as choices that affect each story from start to finish.
Tails: Noir is a post-noir narrative adventure. Become raccoon private eye Howard Lotor and explore dystopian Vancouver inhabited by animals as you uncover a deeply personal story of change and transformation.
Available in
English, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Polish, Japanese, Chinese
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