DevBlog: Quick Facts March

Alex Korabelnikova
Team glue
Hi! I'm Alex, and I can't believe March is already over. This game development thing is a real rollercoaster, who could have known? Every month we sit down and think about our achievements and failures as a team.

Our team's Quick Facts March look like this:

1. This month we spent 645,5 hours on Backbone development. Total1847,5 hours on the project:
2. Celebrated 12 000 followers in VK, 1000 in Twitter, and 13 000 upvotes on Reddit. Twitter is confusing as usual.

3. Press Kit page on our website is live, and we got a cool coverage piece in Vancouver Sun about how Backbone is influences by city's iconic landmarks. In April we're ready to start pitching to press, let's see how it goes.

4. Talked a lot about low numbers of women in our fanbase stats on social media. Learned a few lessons - to talk more about our vision, show more female characters on social media, and in our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Most women see "noir" and think "femme fatale", which can discourage from learning more about the game. Subverting the damaging stereotypes of this genre is one of our prior tasks when adapting it for modern players.

5. Discovered that whatever music you play - this Cougar Butcher will dance to it perfectly. Hotline Miami OST works the best though.

6. Iterated and finalized the walking cycle of our main character Howard Lotor. From stiff boy to macaroni man to a raccoon detective.

7. Released our first speedpaint out of many to come after we cross that spoiler territory with the game trailer.

9. Released first ambient track for the game - perfect for walking through rainy evening streets of Vancouver.

8. Taught Howard how to sniff garbage. Very useful skill when you're a trash panda.

10. We're ready to launch Kickstarter late April. This is the biggest endeavour we are going to take on as a team, and we're really counting on your support! Talk to your friends, colleagues and parents about Backbone - that means the world to us. Let us know what kind of rewards you'd like to see.

Here are the Backbone Kickstarter reward tiers! The biggest ones are going to stay secret until we launch.
Happy to say - this is the most productive month yet. Sad to say - mental health in game industry is something we should really talk more about. It's totally understandable that we tend to overwork, get all-nighters and other college exams level stuff - April IS going to be the MOST important month of our lives. But I really hope that this crunch mentality, that is a current norm in the industry, will go away soon. The "making it whatever the price" is not a good way of thinking. The industry should really reconsider how we approach this crazy cycle of developing a thing that is simultaneously an inspiring art form and a meticulous skill-based craft.

We'll keep working our asses off and telling you all about it. Keep your eyes peeled for huge news in the upcoming month.

Love, Eggnut.

Howard Lotor fanart by talented Lada Gorbachevskaya
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