DevBlog: Quick Facts February

Alex Korabelnikova
Team glue
Hi! I'm Alex, and I do project management for the team. Usually that means setting up deadlines, drawing roadmaps in my award-winning excel tables (Top-50 in The Prettiest Most Useless Excel Table Awards 2017), finding new ways to motivate the team, and composing boring ass analytics reports.

Lately, though, I've been taking a different approach to these reports. Sure, I get to play with my burn-down tables all I want, but I found out that a simple bullet-point lists works magic for the team morale. Reminiscing our successes and failures, taking a good hard look in the future, and asking ourselves what could we do better next time really moves us forward faster and more efficiently. I'd love to start sharing these with you.

So, Quick Facts February looked like this:

1. Together we spent 588,5 hours on Backbone development (422 in January).
2. Development department had an average of 4 hours of sleep per night. It's fine.
3. We created 2 screenshots of the game we kinda liked. Good start.
4. These two screenshots awarded us with 6500 Reddit upvotes and 900 followers on Twitter thanks to #screenshotsaturday. And 5000 followers in VK, which is a solely Russian community not to be underestimated. We quickly regained consciousness and kept on working. Good job!
5. We have ALMOST finished an early pre-alpha prototype. That means all game mechanics, dialogues, and 20% of assets.
Update - finished the prototype in March, after 5 sleepless nights. Conclusion - under strict deadlines sleep vanishes and is replaced by inhumanly ultra-super-duper productivity powers.
6. Published two AMAZING development blogs (there is a Russian saying "If you don't praise yourself, who the fuck will?").
7. We failed the project deadlines. Already. Initially, we wanted to release Backbone game trailer by the end of March, but now its obvious that's not happening until at least mid-April. It's a matter of many variables (isn't it always in gamedev?), but mostly because we took on a very ambitious task.

Sketch for one of the trailer shots:
We don't want your ordinary game trailer - we want a movie trailer with pacing, camerawork, lighting, blocking and all that stuff. This means 11 shots, each one containing about 50 completely new assets, environment art, TONS of frame animation, engine-generated light, maps, textures, and what not. Who could have thought this would take more than 2 months? The answer is - everybody and nobody. Ahhh, gamedev, you got us again, what a prankster.

All in all, it's fine. We'll keep working our asses off and telling you all about it.

Love, Eggnut.
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