Dev Blog: Crazy start, bigger plans

Alex Korabelnikova
Team glue
Ok, you guys. This was the craziest beginning of the year in our lives.

1. We showed off Backbone on the internet, and the internet kinda loved it.

Backbone is the first collective baby of our jointed heart-brains. It's been in development for over a year, so finally showing a little sneak peak of it is a surreal experience that was best described by our CEO Nikita Danshin "WHAT?". We received tons of positive feedback, retweets, reposts, likes, upvotes, and other currency of the internet love.
Well, just so you know, we love you too. More than cats and potatoes.

2. We have about 50% of the game look we want to achieve.

This is the first in-game screenshot of Backbone:
You can see that we're going for a seamless modern blend between 2D and 3D. Traditional pixel art animation, characters, objects and environments are complemented with 3D effects in Unreal Engine such as lighting, rain, puddles, metal and moisture textures, parallax objects. For this particular look of the night Vancouver, we want to amplify the lights a lot more, make the neon more neon-ish, polish the rain particles, and add more parallax. So if you like what you see now, expect more in the future.

We're constantly trying to get better as a team and to learn new things. Last year we were silly enough to believe that we could save ourselves some time by using joint animation. But then our professional team of extra experienced amateurs (also known as EggNut art department) decided that it looks like shit, so we switched to traditional frame animation. We spend about 10-12 hours per pose per character, but it's all worth it, and we're looking forward to sharing the results with you.
3. All principal gameplay mechanics are ready

Here's some really good news: you can now walk, sneak, stealth, interact with objects and characters, have dialogs with NPCs, move between locations, take and do damage, interact with your inventory, game log, settings, and every other thing that is required in this thing called game. We're looking forward to the best part: polishing these mechanics, which could take anywhere from one month to eternity.

4. Big plans for March and April.

We are releasing a pre-alpha game prototype in March for the press and partners to get a feel of the game. Feel free to send us a love letter if you want to write about us / partner up -

Backbone game trailer will be unveiled early April, followed by a Kickstarter campaign. More on that and crowdfunding in general later.

We are hiring new amazing people - there are now 10 beautiful faces in EggNut, and you're soon going to meet them all.

This is the most exciting time of our lives, and we love having you with us on this journey.
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P.S.: Obligatory cat picture: Misha & Finn judging me for taking so long to write this blog post.
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