Pixel art detective adventure inspired by film noir, where you play as raccoon PI in dystopian Vancouver
Pixel art cinematic adventure with stealth and action elements. Discover multiple ways to solve puzzles and tasks and move forward through the game by your own rules.

Take a pixel art grey, rainy Vancouver overgrown with luscious flower trees and vines, surrounded by the ocean and snowy mountain peaks, and inhabited by animals. Add a generous pinch of 50's noir and 80's sci-fi movie titles atmosphere, retro-futuristic technology and jazz soundscape.
Backbone is a story about how the environment shapes us, and how we influence it in return.
Narrative design
Backbone is focused on thorough character development, investigation, and problem solving with multiple outcomes for every decision. Experience cinematic and thought-provoking story through the interactive medium of video games.
Raccoon detective, Hovard Lotor, main character
Game mechanics
Become a detective: collect crucial pieces of evidence on the crime scene, interrogate witnesses, solve puzzles, and sneak around hostile environments using smell-based stealth mechanics.
Rabbit the paperboy, side character
Smoking squirrel, side character
Beaver the taxi driver, side character
Bear the pusher, side character
Noir Vancouver is full of sounds coming from jazz bars, noisy alleys, night fish markets and industrial blocks. Backbone soundtrack is an original and refreshing take on dark jazz and electronic music.
Backbone is a game, yet it feels like a movie thanks to cinematic multi-layered backgrounds, parallaxing, dynamic lighting and lense flares. Sprawling city, contrasting silhouettes against the setting sun, dust particles, neon signs and steaming sewer hatches. All in pixel.

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